Calculo Evolution Fund, Calculo Capital: Best AI Commodity Trading Strategy Europe 2023

Calculo Evolution Fund

Calculo Capital has a trade mark — diversify, prosper, evolve — that exemplifies its origin story and future-forward vision. In 2011, the commodity research and software company, founded by CEO Philip Carlsson, set out to create a specialised trading platform for commodities. After developing a commodities trading engine and management tool, the company registered with the Danish FSA as a manager of alternative investment funds. Within two years, it had launched the Calculo Evolution Fund, which relies on an inhouse trading platform and systematic trading strategy powered by algorithms, machine learning and automated processes. Calculo Capital promotes commodities as a crucial element of a well-diversified investment portfolio. Commodities offer protection against cyclic corrections, as they’re non-correlated towards traditional investments such as stocks, bonds and real estate. Calculo’s trend-following commodity fund removes the err of human emotion from the investment process by establishing rules for calculating and filtering trading signals. Calculo Capital sets the parameters that drive the algorithms and automation of the fund’s signal selection, risk management and trade execution. The fund seeks to capitalise on fluctuating prices of underlying commodities in the futures market by harnessing AI to optimise exits and adjust exposure according to historic observations. Calculo Capital is evolving by intelligent design, learning from past experiences to shape the fund methodology in step with market trends. Carlsson fields a strong team. The judging panel congratulates Calculo Evolution Fund, Calculo Capital on claiming the 2023 award for Best AI Commodity Trading Strategy (Europe).