Acin: Best Operational Risk Management UK 2023


Acin has established a strong track record of delivering value, as evidenced by the confidence of its investor base and the repeat business of its clients.

The risk analytics and intelligence firm is supported by long-term strategic investors like Fitch, a global leader of credit ratings and capital market research, and five of the world’s largest banks: JP Morgan, Citi, BNP Paribas, Barclays and Lloyds.

Acin offers a quality assessment of a clients’ data readiness, a platform for enterprise-wide risk management and a peer network for trigger-based control of the risk framework.

Acin employs meticulous attention to detail and adaptability to help clients in financial services address regulatory and operational risks in a quantitative, measured and well-informed method. Risks abound in modern business, whether resulting from malicious intent or human error.

Acin AI-powered platform gives financial services greater control over any non-financial risks (NFR) caused by compliance failures, misconduct, technology or operational challenges.

From its UK headquarters, Acin has created a global risk management hub and data network receiving a stream of multi-formatted updates from banks and financial firms.

Client data is authenticated and anonymised before becoming part of the Acin network, which enables peer connectivity and calibration through a dynamic risk assessment framework.

Risk intelligence and threat analysis is conducted on a real-time basis and is complemented by third-party feeds concerning losses, events, news and regulatory changes.

The judging panel announces Acin as the 2023 award winner for Best Operational Risk Management Partner (UK).

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