Varengold Bank: Best Marketplace Banking Team Germany 2021

Varengold Bank

Varengold Bank has been providing banking and asset management services since 1995. The bank is headquartered in Hamburg with offices in the UK and Bulgaria. Varengold welcomes the influx of fintech companies in the finance world and supports the growth of marketplace lending platforms. Fintech partnerships have become a core focus of the business. It believes fintech companies represent the future of banking, with their efficient loan processing, user-friendly platforms and increased financial inclusion. Varengold partners with fintech companies, tailoring products to the needs of each business model in a process called “fronting”. Varengold pulls from decades of banking experience to enable clients to deploy cutting-edge technology while maintaining compliance with ever-evolving regulations. Varengold, with a full banking license and solid financial footing, can help to refinance a fintech’s loan portfolio, freeing up capital to scale business and accelerate growth. Varengold sees tremendous growth potential in marketplace banking and takes calculated risks to back early-stage innovators. The bank strengthens fintech marketplaces by facilitating growth, supporting product development and advising on risk management. Varengold aims to increase the business value of marketplace lending platforms and help attract investors. In addition to marketplace banking, Varengold offers transaction and commercial banking services for trade-oriented companies. It levers an extensive debt and equity capital market network to help clients cover borrowing requirements, structure large transactions and connect with new partners. The judging panel announces Varengold Bank as the winner in the 2021 award category Best Marketplace Banking Team (Germany).