The Blackstone Group International Partners LLP: Best ESG Corporate Strategy UK 2021


The Blackstone Group International Partners LLP, the London-based subsidiary of the Blackstone Group, a leading US global investment company, is at the forefront of the drive for business transformation in the post-pandemic world. Indeed Blackstone, which is the world’s largest alternative asset manager, believes the pandemic has been a catalyst for positive change, including by accelerating the transformative use of technology, which it sees as a vital method of ensuring its portfolio businesses remain competitive. Blackstone is committed to the UN’s Social, Environment and Governance (ESG) aims, and invests for the long-term, believing that successful, resilient businesses create stronger communities and greater economic growth. Through its global charitable foundation, it supports innovation and fosters healthy economies to enable social progress. Blackstone employees are encouraged to get involved in community service and volunteer projects. The company has also introduced an entrepreneurship network to mentor university students. In September 2021 Blackstone announced an £850m investment into the UK’s science park sector, which will lead to the creation of 2,700 jobs. The investment will involve the establishment of a purpose-built laboratory complex in Cambridge to focus on the development of vaccines and responses to global health crises. Stephen A. Schwarzman, CEO of the Blackstone Group, said: “The UK is one of the best places in the world to do business.” The judges, recognising the company’s commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, has no hesitation in presenting The Blackstone Group International Partners LLP with the 2021 award, Best ESG Corporate Strategy (UK).