SENER: Best Engineering Corporate Governance Europe 2021

SENER's President Andrés Sendagorta holding the CFI award

SENER’s President Andrés Sendagorta holding the award

Spanish engineering and technology group SENER continues to build on a 66-year foundation of innovation, quality and independence. The group focuses on three main business lines: Aerospace (space, defence and science); Engineering (infrastructure, energy and marine); and Renewable Investments. SENER deploys a workforce of 2,400 professionals across five continents to deliver high-tech solutions that push the realms of possibility. The organisational structure of the group facilitates collaboration between the multidisciplinary departments, which has resulted in significant tech innovations. The group, which was awarded the Family-Friendly Company Certificate by the Másfamilia Foundation, invests considerable resources into the recruitment and retention of top talent. SENER upholds ethical principles of corporate governance, with systems in place to ensure compliance with legislation as well as ESG benchmarks. It aims to create sustainable value for all stakeholders through the long-term management of operations, innovations, investments and CSR activities. It assesses the impacts of its operations to balance solutions with environmental respect. SENER takes a partnership approach to suppliers and allies to establish long-term relationships based on collaboration, loyalty and fairness. The group carries out a range of CSR projects and initiatives to support the wellbeing and socio-economic development of the communities where it operates. The SENER Foundation supports the development of solidarity projects via grants, sponsorships and donations. SENER — with €24m in 2021 in R&D investments — fosters innovation to create sustainable value for society and the environment. The judging panel announces SENER as the winner of the 2021 award for Best Engineering Corporate Governance (Europe).