OTP Private Banking: Best Private Banking Services Hungary 2022


The OTP Group has become one of the major financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe over the past quarter century. The organisation, which began life in 1949 as a state-owned national savings bank during the communist era in Hungary, was privatised in 1995 a few years after the country’s transition to an independent, democratic state. Today the Budapest-based bank serves more than 16 million customers, having expanded into 11 countries in the region, using its local experience as a key pillar of the bank’s operations. OPT’s private banking arm is one of the largest independent financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe, employing teams of experts with local expertise allied to a global network. Its specialists work with clients to create personalised asset management advice, taking advantage of the bank’s up-to-the-minute analyses of market trends. OPT believes its significant weight of local knowledge is what gives it the edge in delivering a tailored, quality service to customers. The cornerstone of its operation is transparency and innovation. The group’s goal is to continue to strengthen its position as a dominant regional player by providing a broad product portfolio and serving a diverse client base, offering innovation through the use of new technologies. OTP Bank is also committed to the improvement of social values in the region, and supports a range of activities and events which contribute to social wellbeing. The CFI.co judging panel, in 2022, has no hesitation in presenting OPT with the award, Best Private Banking Services Hungary.

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