MAX Burger: Best Sustainable Restaurant Chain Europe 2021


The MAX Burger story started 53 years ago with a mom-and-pop restaurant in Sweden. Over the past two decades, MAX has doubled turnover every four years — but emissions were also on the rise, up 48,000 tonnes from 2013 to 2020. This carbon-conscious burger joint offsets emissions through certified tree-planting. Since 2008, it has financed the planting of 2,9 million trees in Africa. MAX Burger has reduced its carbon footprint with 24 percent per earned Swedish krona over the eight last years. It recycles frying oil into biodiesel, reduces unnecessary packaging and installs the latest energy efficiency technologies throughout its facilities. The franchise publishes the most comprehensive reporting of greenhouse gas emissions in the restaurant industry. MAX’s range of green burgers has helped the group decouple growth of turnover and emissions. Green burger consumption is climbing while red meat declines. MAX says, bit by bit and bite by bite, it will help bring about a climate-positive future where emissions are reduced and then offset by the full three-scope calculation — plus an additional 10 percent to ensure a climate-positive outcome. MAX Burger was named among the top three airport restaurants in the world by Travel + Leisure and top ten most innovative restaurants worldwide by Fast Company. adds its own accolade and presents MAX Burger with the 2021 Best Sustainable Restaurant Chain (Europe) award.