Man Group: Best Investment Management Services UK 2021

Man Group

In terms of the technology of the day, the rum ration given to Admiral Nelson’s sailors arguably gave the Royal Navy of the 18th century something of an edge. The rum was supplied by James Man, son of a Billingsgate barrel-maker. Today the company he founded in 1783, is using more sophisticated technology to stay ahead of the curve. The London-based Man Group is a major independent active management firm, employing more than 1,000 staff in 15 centres across the globe. Technology is the driving force of its success in delivering good investment performance and client portfolio solutions. It uses up-to-the-minute tech advances to stay at the forefront of a sector which is constantly evolving. Man Group, which manages almost $140b for its global clients, offers bespoke services which utilise the skills of its expert staff, but in order to stay ahead, the company is continuously investing in the latest technology to deliver the best results for clients. The company always aims to achieve superior investment performance by being original in its thinking. In partnership with Oxford University’s science department, it has led revolutionary research into quantitative finance, machine-learning and data analytics since the founding of the Oxford Man Institute in 2007. This collaboration between business and academia continues to develop new tools for decision-making, involving artificial intelligence, financial theory and practice, and mathematics. In 2021, the judging panel, in recognition of the company’s trail-blazing approach, is pleased to present Man Group with the award, Best Investment Management Services UK.

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