Global Evolution: Best ESG Emerging Markets Investment Strategy Global 2021

Global Evolution

Emerging markets, despite representing 80 percent of the world’s population, are under-represented in most fixed income portfolios because of the perceived risks. But one company believes emerging and frontier markets are quickly developing into a diversified, accessible and growing asset class. Global Evolution, a Danmark-based active investment company founded in 2007, specialises entirely in such products. The company’s single-minded focus, which sets it apart from many other investment groups, is backed by constant research, and the acquired knowledge of a stable and experienced staff. It also, crucially, fully integrates Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) into its investment process. The company believes there is a clear correlation between ESG adoption and market returns. Global Evolution’s experts are keen to highlight misconceptions in relation to frontier markets. It believes that while there are idiosyncratic political risks in many markets, these can be spread by careful portfolio construction – and when a portfolio is combined in a sensible manner risks can be evened-out, which is why market volatility in frontier funds is usually much lower than might be expected. Global Evolution is proud of its record in staff development; many employees have been with the company since its inception, which has resulted in unrivalled stability in its portfolio management teams, and is reflected in performance, the company says. Global Evolution is now approaching more than $16 billion in dedicated assets. The judging panel is pleased, in 2021, to present Global Evolution with the award, Best ESG Emerging Markets Investment Strategy Global.

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