Eccelsa Aviation: Best Private Aviation Terminal Operator Europe 2022

Eccelsa Aviation

The coronavirus pandemic grounded planes worldwide, cutting air traffic by 66 percent from 2019 to 2020. But private aviation has seen a bump in business, up 25 percent as more affluent travellers seek to escape commercial airways. Eccelsa Aviation operates a private and executive terminal in Sardinia along the Costa Smeralda in Italy. Sardinia was fortunate and not hit as hard by Covid as the majority of the country. Eccelsa Aviation capitalised on the rise in private air travel to exceed growth expectations for 2021. While others were operating in survival mode, Eccelsa Aviation was investing to expand the aircraft parking area and accommodate more traffic. The Eccelsa team pulled together to implement health and safety procedures and ensure clients stayed informed of documentation requirements for travel. Streamlined operations mean that clients spend the minimum time necessary in procedures. The company runs 28 flights per hour through the Olbia Costa Smeralda airport, rolling out the red carpet with concierge services that go above and beyond. Eccelsa Aviation can provide clients with chartered jets and yachts, luxury rentals, limousine chauffeurs, catering and tailored security services. Aircraft crews receive a warm welcome and appreciate Eccelsa’s snooze room and express laundry services. Eccelsa Aviation first registered on the radar for its capacity to handle custom requests and its committed sustainability progress. The judging panel is pleased to confirm a three-year winning streak for Eccelsa Aviation with the 2022 award for Best Private Aviation Terminal Operator (Europe).

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