Charme Capital Partners: Best Mid-Market Growth Equity Partner Europe 2021


Charme Capital Partners

Charme Capital Partners, a European mid-market private equity fund, applies a three-pillar approach to spur transformational change, growth and internationalisation. Charme relies on proprietary sourcing and deep local networks to uncover off-market and primary deal flows. It also identifies potential strategic buyers during the underwriting process. It practices active ownership of portfolio companies, acting as a catalyst to shift mindsets, fuel expansion and explore adjacent high-value-added opportunities. Charme levers scalable platforms to accelerate growth and buy-and-build strategies to expand market reach. It suggests operational efficiency measures to enhance competitiveness, professionalise management and optimise reporting and planning systems. All these efforts leave investee companies on far more solid financial footing at exit time. Charme originates multiple exit routes, proactively managing relationships with prospective buyers to maximise exit value and avoid large auctions. Buyers tend to be large corporates and global private equity funds. The firm has a 16-year track record as a preferential partner for founders and family businesses. It has helped numerous companies to double revenue and globalise operations. Under Charme ownership, Poltrona Frau Group’s revenue increased from €83m to €272m over a 10-year period. Charme helped the group gain market share and expand its geographical footprint through strategic acquisitions and international partnerships. Charme Capital Partners, headquartered in Milan with offices in London and Madrid, invests in high-potential businesses across Europe. The judging panel presents Charme Capital Partners with the 2021 award for Best Mid-Market Growth Equity Partner (Europe).

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