Bedrock Group: Best Investment Portfolio Manager UK 2022

Bedrock Group

Over the past 18 years, Bedrock Group has evolved into a consolidated contact for the investment and administrative needs of high-net-worth families, endowments, foundations, institutions and investment professionals. It has recruited industry experts with shared values to oversee the management of client assets. Teams of Bedrock professionals collaborate from offices in London, Geneva and Monaco to provide clients with independent and unbiased global investment and advisory services. It tailors solutions to client circumstances and offers direct access to the founding partners. Bedrock has achieved economies of scale and passes associated savings along to clients with competitive fees for institutional banking and share classes. It offers a range of wealth structuring solutions, from estate planning and custodian arrangements to the creation and administration of brand-specific funds. It’s a preferential partner for high-net worth individual clients, affording prime access to and pricing power for some of the most stable balance sheets in the industry. Bedrock applies dynamic investment strategies in pursuit of absolute returns — and has a track record of hitting its mark. It rotates assets as required, and over the past year, has reduced bond exposure and increased the ratio of commodity-related assets. It has maintained global equity, which it believes to be one of the best asset classes, between 40 and 45 percent. It’s targeting high-dividend companies rather than high-growth sectors. The judging panel announces Bedrock Group — a repeat programme winner — as the recipient of the 2022 award for Best Investment Portfolio Manager (UK).


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