ACCENTRO Real Estate AG: Best Residential Real Estate Strategy Germany 2022

ACCENTRO CEO: Lars Schriewer

ACCENTRO CEO: Lars Schriewer

ACCENTRO Real Estate AG is a specialist of property privatization and residential real estate in Germany. Over the past 20 years, ACCENTRO has sold around 18.000 properties – several thousands of which in Berlin where the company is headquartered. ACCENTRO currently has around 5.000 units in the portfolio, which is centered around strategic cities and metropolitan areas. It has solidified a market-leading position in Germany as a responsible investor and preferred property manager. ACCENTRO works with private investors and owner-occupiers to make tenant-oriented sales of apartments. The company has found tenant proximity to improve asset management. ACCENTRO provides institutional investors with real estate portfolios that deliver stable long-term returns. It also helps with the development management services and management of real estate portfolios and the marketing of properties. Over its subsidiary Proprate ACCENTRO is also running a matching market for private users. The digital Service was developed together with Samsung-subsidiary Cheil and scans the biggest real estate platforms for offers and gives you the opportunity to rate those using a digital tool.

Covid caused tough challenges in the real estate market adding to the challenges of political regulation in the privatization of residential real estate in Germany, but ACCENTRO found creative ways to overcome.

On one hand, the Executive Board around CEO Lars Schriewer diversified the business model and, in addition to the heavily regulated privatisation of residential property, established a businessline for real estate management-services for third parties and developed its own property portfolio for rental. This ensured a secure cash flow throughout regulatory changes and the Covid-pandemic.

During Covid Brokers began using smart phones to showcase properties safely, and ACCENTRO introduced a purchase guarantee scheme in cooperation with ImmoScout24, europe’s largest property portal, for property developers to smooth complications caused by rising interest rates and construction costs. ACCENTRO publishes an annual report highlighting home ownership data across all major German cities. The report underscores the scope of the company’s daily work and serves as a decision-making aid for customers. ACCENTRO is the only real estate privatization company in Germany to be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The judging panel announces ACCENTRO Real Estate AG and the ACCENTRO Real Estate AG CEO Lars Schriewer as the 2022 award winner for Best Residential Real Estate Strategy (Germany).

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