Whitecroft Capital Management: Best Risk Sharing Investment Strategy UK 2021

Whitecroft Capital Management

Whitecroft Capital Management operates in a niche market as an asset manager focused on bank capital opportunities. It was founded in London in 2016 and has a presence in Copenhagen. Whitecroft leverages its expertise to execute large, complex transactions for institutional investors. It cultivates committed, long-term relationships with banks to gain access to opportunities and custom-craft solutions rather than pushing off-the-shelf products. Whitecroft has executed transactions with several banks, with their core business spread between trade finance, SMEs and large corporate lending. The scope has expanded to include green and renewable financing. The firm’s raison d’être is to afford institutional investors an efficient access to a diversified set of private risk sharing transactions. Whitecroft manages 18 portfolios, featuring thousands of companies and representing 77 countries across all geographical regions and 37 industry sectors. It employs active portfolio management and macro-hedging strategies to protect performance against market volatility. It specialises in risk—sharing investments and boasts strong originating and structuring capabilities. Risk-sharing investments are geared to create stable, attractive yields from exposure to diversified credit portfolios held on the balance sheets of major financial institutions. Whitecroft finds itself — at a moment when banks need access to capital more than ever — well positioned to deliver reliable, risk-adjusted returns across economic cycles. In recognition of the firm’s dedication to risk sharing and its contribution to the popularisation of the asset class among institutional investors over the last decade, the CFl.co judging panel presents Whitecroft Capital Management with the 2021 award for Best Risk Sharing Investment Strategy (UK).