Vidici Ventures: Best Fintech Growth Investor Nordics 2021


Vidici Ventures is a Nordic FinTech investor with an early-stage focus with a management team who has extensive experience from starting, operating and rapidly scaling FinTech companies. The Nordic FinTech-focused fund gets in at ground level and helps to scale emerging enterprises. The Vidici portfolio covers insurance, investment management, ticketing solutions, open banking systems, marketplace lending, digital receipts and travel and expense management. The firm cites its network of investee companies in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Germany as a key asset in the investment process. It has opened doors for Vidici, helped it to build a reputation for capital raising, and made it one of the strongest fintech pipelines in the region. The ultimate goal is to influence the transformation of the financial industry by providing funding, support and network to disruptive and scalable companies. Vidici believes that small businesses can punch above their weight to create major impacts – and the industry is shifting to the same conclusion, with adaptive regulations making space for new actors. Vidici applies an active-ownership approach to grow portfolio companies while minimising risks. Vidici’s long-term strategy has strengthened, despite the unexpected challenges of 2020. The firm took some small hits early on, but outperformed the expectations. The judging panel congratulates Vidici Ventures, winner of the 2021 award for Best Fintech Growth Investor (Nordics).

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