The Cyprus Investment and Securities Corporation: Best International Investment Banking Team Cyprus 2020


The Cyprus Investment and Securities Corporation (CISCO) is the oldest investment firm on the Mediterranean island. CISCO was established by the World Bank in 1982 and acquired by the Bank of Cyprus in 1988 to serve as its investment banking arm. Over the past four decades, CISCO has played a significant role in the island’s development of its capital markets and through its capital-raising role has assisted and facilitated major island projects and contributed towards the efforts of diversifying the country’s economy in becoming a vibrant financial hub, with tourism appeal and a burgeoning financial services sector in place. Being a subsidiary of the largest banking institution on the island, and having an  excellent reputation and talented team have made the firm a major player, virtually the sole actor at such a scale. It offers a suite of brokerage and investment banking services and will be reintroducing discretionary asset management as part of the offering in 2021. CISCO is the number one broker in the Cyprus Stock Exchange and a top-20 remote member of the Athens Stock Exchange. The firm has assembled a dynamic team with international experience to serve a customer base that comprises mostly large Cyprus-based corporates, both listed and private. Brokerage services focus at large on retail clients, while asset management will be geared towards institutional investors. CISCO’s online trading platform can be accessed from a mobile app, and is continuously being developed to match customer needs. The judging panel applauds this strategic focus on future growth, and declares CISCO the Best International Investment Banking Team (Cyprus) for 2020.