TechRules: Best Wealth Management Software Solutions Europe 2021


Over the past 20 years, Spanish consultancy and software provider TechRules has been delivering integrated wealth-tech solutions for clients across Europe, USA and Latin America. It first developed portfolio management and analytics tools for financial advisors, with advisory and investment planning tools following soon after. TechRules clients can choose from 200 API options to customise digital platforms and streamline user experiences. They have been developing front solutions with a stunning onboarding, profiling, investment proposals, reports, financial planning, end customer web portals and state-of-the-art Robo Advisors that meet market requirements. The company enjoys a leading market position, with deep industry experience and high employee retention rates. The company takes care of its people, and staff tenure on average runs to a decade. TechRules leverages its expertise and multilingual geographical coverage to create impressive tech offerings. It is attentive and approaches client projects with the flexibility to develop and integrate holistic solutions. Everything is accomplished in-house, including the hosting and upgrade of new releases. Over the past year, TechRules has expanded cloud-based capabilities, particularly in the field of communications, reporting and compliance. It can assist businesses with the onboarding of clients, and bring automation to bear on digital banking and wealth management. The company continually expands its tech capabilities, harnessing AI to unlock efficient methodologies and strengthen the marketplace. Blockchain will be used to help banks to transform operations. Clients entrust mission-critical projects to TechRules because it demonstrates the competence and innovation to always get the job done. The judging panel announces TechRules as the winner of the 2021 award for Best Wealth Management Software Solutions (Europe).

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