Sydinvest: Best Investment Fund Manager Denmark 2021


Sydinvest offers investors the opportunity to take control of their financial future by becoming unit holders of one or more of its 38 actively managed funds. The Danish fund manager was founded in 1987 and has expanded its offering to cover a broad range of equity and debt securities. It’s a relatively small company that’s punching far above its weight, seeking the best returns at the lowest costs for its 71,000 members. It aims to enrich the lives of members and partners in both the economic and social sense. Sydinvest applies the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investments to asset management, incorporating ESG issues into investment decision-making processes, practicing active ownership to influence ESG performance and promoting transparent ESG disclosure among investee entities. The firm predicts that ESG and sustainability metrics will play an increasingly pivotal role across its investment portfolio. Sydinvest portfolio managers formulate the overall investment strategy of funds and stay on top of market trends to execute daily reconciliation as needed. This form of hands-on investment management has delivered strong performance over the year, with double-digit actual-to-date returns in the majority of its equity funds since the start of 2021. Sydinvest has become a specialist in emerging market products over the past three decades, gaining ground-level expertise in the regional investment landscape of countries with rapid development and low per-capita income. The judging panel announces Sydinvest as the 2021 award winner in the category of Best Investment Fund Manager (Denmark).

Steffen Ussing CEO Sydinvest

CEO Sydinvest: Steffen Ussing

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