Stifel Europe: Best Mid-Market Investment Banking Team Europe 2021


Stifel Europe seeks out fast-growing UK and EU companies and connects them to funding from around the world. It stands out in the investment and funding fray with an inclusive culture, a flat organisational structure and an experienced team. The firm has headquarters in London and Frankfurt, with offices in France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. It offers a range of capital solutions that go beyond equity and debt. A 550-person team develops small and mid-market investment opportunities in the technology, health, fintech and real estate sectors. Stifel liaises and partners with business leaders, institutional investors and market regulators across Europe, giving clients access to opportunities and advancing the scope of its renowned research capabilities. The team works closely with clients to understand each company’s needs and tailor solutions for their specific needs. Stifel Europe’s combination of industry verticals and sector expertise allows for optimal funding flexibility. The organisation contributed to a review of the UK’s share-listing regime, led by former EU commissioner Lord Jonathan Hill and released in March. The team was proud to see its advisory contributions considered along with those of industry giants such as HSBC and Citibank. Stifel Europe may be modestly sized, but it’s at the top of its game. The judging panel presents Stifel Europe with the 2021 European award for Best Mid-Market Investment Banking Team.