Shanti Hospitality Group: Best Hospitality Investment Portfolio Global 2021

Shanti Hospitality

Shanti Hospitality Group offers a range of investment services, including due diligence, contract negotiations, operational consultation and expansion support. It also provides asset-management, from financial monitoring and market repositioning to benchmark analysis and budget reviews. It tackles projects from conception and design development through to renovations and expenditure recommendations. The group has been energised by the resurgence of global markets and is keen to capitalise on new opportunities for strategic partnerships. Shanti Hospitality has a global portfolio of 2,000 rooms across 24 hotels. It operates two fine-dining restaurants and an innovative digital platform connecting street vendors with property owners to create vibrant outdoor eating experiences. Shanti Hospitality maintains a competitive edge by adapting to customer needs with an active, open-minded approach to investment. It focuses on delivering an exceptional experience for clients across a wide portfolio of brands, and welcomes collaboration with partners pursuing innovative ideas. Its business model is streamlined into three verticals: asset management of the third-party-operated hotels it owns and operational management of its own and third-party-owned hotels. Shanti Hospitality Group is on a journey of continuous improvement, incorporating best-in-class practices that keep pace with market advances. It aims to enhance guests’ wellbeing with high-touch amenities and impeccable accommodation. It has also hinted at plans for future expansion on its offering. The judging panel congratulates Shanti Hospitality Group, winner of the 2021 global award for Best Hospitality Investment Portfolio.

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