NOW: Pensions: Best Employee Pensions Provider UK 2020

NOW Pensions

One UK multi-employer Master Trust underscores the urgency of saving for the future with its punchy moniker — NOW: Pensions established in 2012 and forms part of the Cardano Group, a privately-owned, purpose-built risk and investment specialist serving UK and Dutch markets. The upper-case title practically shouts the message, and the firm takes seriously its mission to spread word: planning for the future is vital. It partnered with Condé Nast in a six-week programme to field questions on money matters in Glamour magazine. It had to scrap the annual face-to-face action of the annual Pension Awareness Week, when it would normally engage with the public on British high streets. It hosted virtual events instead, including a bespoke employer forum, which have resonated well. A collaboration with Charity Debate Mate and 5,000 UK schools will focus on encouraging youngsters to establish formative savings behaviours. NOW: Pensions is the UK’s third-largest workplace pension provider, serving tens of thousands of employers and millions of members from a wide range of industry sectors. Employers appreciate the hands-on approach NOW: Pensions takes to ensure strong client relationships, stress-free enrolment and seamless integration. It offers employers assistance and advice — particularly during the pandemic — and provides targeted sessions to address the gender pensions gap and will introduce on-site training soon. Service charges are open, transparent and fair, with no hidden extras. The judging panel declares NOW: Pensions winner of the 2020 award for Best Employee Pensions Provider (UK).

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