Navigator Holdings: Best Integrated Logistics CSR Global 2021

Navigator Gas

Navigator Holdings is pushing the sustainability agenda in the shipping industry. Navigator owns and operates a 38-vessel fleet of liquefied gas carriers. It offers maritime transport services of petrochemical gases, liquefied petroleum gas and ammonia for energy companies, industrial users and commodity traders. The publicly listed company has a transparent governance structure and a results-driven CSR plan. Everyone at the company, from leadership to entry-level workers, is onboard with the CSR programme and the intention to always do the right thing. The management team is responsible for defining what the “right thing” is for the company, its people and the environment. Values are outlined in the guiding principles of ANCHOR: authentic, nurture, collaborative, honest, ownership and resourceful. Three years ago, Navigator Holdings sought certification through EcoVadis, a leading global business sustainability ratings agency, and started off with a silver ratings. Now it has been upgraded to the gold status. Navigator Holdings focuses on the five SDGs where its operations have the highest material impact. Navigator was the first in the maritime gas industry to implement offsetting measures to achieve carbon neutrality for seaborne voyages. The company has invested in efficiency upgrades throughout the fleet — and pledged to remove single-use plastics from its ships. It dedicated resources towards the exploration of ammonia as a fuel source and has already secured agreements for its transport. The jury announces Navigator Holdings, a signatory of the UN Global Compact, as the 2021 Best Integrated Logistics CSR award winner.

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