Man Group: Best Investment Management Services UK 2020

Man Group

Man Group is an investment management firm with a 230-year trading history and over $113bn in funds under management. Man Group is headquartered in London and has a global network with 15 international offices. It leverages more than 25 years of experience of global investment management to deliver risk-adjusted returns to investors. Institutional investors have contributed 84 percent of the funds under the group’s management. Man Group is comprised of five specialised investment management engines. The companies in the group benefit from an integrated business model and central infrastructure, where back- and middle-office functions — technology, compliance, human resources, legal, operations and facilities — are shared group-wide so the front office is free to focus on clients. Man Group counts its unified operating platform and specialised investment approaches as key commercial differentiators that allow it to defend its market-leading position while adapting to client needs and evolving market conditions. It targets technology as crucial to the on-going success of the business and has partnered with the University of Oxford to advance research into quantitative finance, machine learning and data analytics. The Oxford-Man Institute has been a part of the university’s engineering science department for over a decade, giving the group a direct link to cutting-edge research and inspiring a cross-pollination of ideas between academia and investing. The judging panel declares Man Group as the winner of the 2020 award for Best Investment Management Services (UK).

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