Deutsche Oppenheim Family Office: Best Strategic Asset Allocation Team Germany 2021

Deutsche Oppenheim FO

Deutsche Oppenheim Family Office is a full-service multi-family office and wealth manager whose services cater to the needs of individuals, entrepreneurs, churches, foundations, and institutional investors. The firm specialises in customised generational wealth solutions and offers its clients access to the global network of its parent group, Deutsche Bank, the largest German banking institution. The first and most important step in Deutsche Oppenheim’s investment process is the Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA), which relies on the firm’s proprietary Monte-Carlo simulation tool. Using quantitative and academically founded models, the SAA tool explicitly accounts for complex market relationships, including “black swans” (fat tail events) and yield smoothing. By capturing future risks, opportunities, and correlations of liquid and illiquid asset classes, investment strategies are tailored to clients’ individual risk profiles and liquidity needs. The family office provides a natural implementation of the investment strategies derived in the SAA: “PassivePlus”. As the name suggests, this approach favours passive funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as its core investments. Market fads will not make the cut – but active funds are pursued when the data deem them worthy. The “PassivePlus” strategy applies big data concepts for alpha generation, multi-dimensional risk management, peer-group analysis, and realistic fund benchmarks. The data-driven approach removes emotion from the investment process and avoids costly tactical asset allocation mistakes. For more than ten years, Deutsche Oppenheim has offered private individuals access to institutional SAA services. The judging panel presents Deutsche Oppenheim Family Office – a repeat winner – with the 2021 award for Best Strategic Asset Allocation Team (Germany).

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