Copernicus Wealth Management: Best Wealth Management Team Switzerland 2021


Copernicus Wealth Management was founded in 2016 in the Swiss canton of Ticino, an Italian-speaking region south of the Alps. The company’s business model was designed to serve institutional and high-net-worth individuals in the Swiss market. Copernicus offers assistance with discretionary management mandates, actively managed certificates, and undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities. It ranks among the top three wealth and asset management firms in the region. The Copernicus leadership team of five partners is supported by a 40-person workforce. Copernicus Wealth Management operates in a highly regulated environment, where its financial products and services are subject to comprehensive oversight. It stays abreast of all compliance guidelines, internal and cross-border regulatory developments, and administers funds in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Ireland. The company takes a 360-degree approach to wealth management by focusing on clients and tailoring services to meet their needs. It aims to create long-term value, helping to build and safeguard generational wealth by acting responsibly and remaining vigilant about risks. Copernicus feels confident that it will be able to adapt to any changes in the industry by identifying market trends and swiftly responding to tweak an offering where needed. The company is eyeing expansion opportunities, with special attention being paid to Switzerland and the Zurich and Geneva markets. The judging panel is pleased to present Copernicus Wealth Management with the 2021 award for Best Wealth Management Team (Switzerland).