Casinos Austria International: Outstanding Contribution to Responsible Gaming Europe 2021

Casinos Austria

Casinos Austria International is committed to good corporate governance and responsible gaming. In 2018 alone, the company conducted 1,600 counselling interviews with guests, initiated 10,000 entry restrictions, and received and enacted 4,000 self-exclusion orders. This underscores the company’s ethical stance: it’s not about maximising profits at the expense of gamers, it’s about building long-term relationships with stakeholders. Casinos Austria International has a 40-year history and a foothold in 35 countries. It recently conducted a material analysis to pinpoint how best its operations could contribute towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It has published a CSR report, highlighting performance metrics and targets for improvement. Casinos Austria International upgraded a computer-centre cooling system which cut CO2 emissions by 115 tons per year. It increasingly uses renewable energy and is reducing waste, particularly single-use plastics. The firm switched from plastic to biodegradable straws and convinced one of its suppliers to replace plastic wrapping with reusable palette covers. Casinos Austria International aims for top-employer status by embracing diversity, providing training, and supporting employee volunteerism. It’s one of the biggest contributors to Austria’s coffers, paying some €650m in taxes, duties and social security contributions. The jury announces Casinos Austria International as winner of the 2021 award for Outstanding Contribution to Responsible Gaming (Europe).