C2FO: Best SME Working Capital Innovator UK 2021


On any given day, there’s an average of $40tn in outstanding invoices worldwide — with SMEs often way down on the waiting list. The global supply chain is frequently forced to wait weeks, or even months, to receive payment for products and services provided. US-based C2FO is dedicated to providing businesses around the world with the capital they need to grow. The company began building a digital working-capital platform in 2008 and was processing payments within two years. Since then, C2FO has generated $140bn in working-capital funding and accelerated payment for companies in 180+ countries. Its clients include some of the world’s biggest names: HP, Danone, Phillips, Siemens, Pfizer and Walmart. C2FO provides solutions for suppliers and enterprises, helping companies to accelerate or extend accounts payable or accounts receivable on demand, via an easy-to-use online platform. C2FO was founded by Alexander “Sandy” Kemper, a former banking CEO who believed that the financial system was broken — with SMEs falling through the cracks. Banks tend to view large companies as low risk, while SMEs are seen as a less reliable proposition. SMEs looking for bank finance often have to deal with slow approval processes, a long wait for the money, and high-interest repayment terms. But with C2FO — it stands for Collaborative Cash Flow Optimisation — these hurdles melt away. The CFI.co judging panel recognises repeat programme winner C2FO with the 2021 award for Best SME Working Capital Innovator (UK).

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