Barents Re: Best Specialty Reinsurer 2021


In a world of uncertainty, people want predictability – not an easy task, as no-one possesses a crystal ball, says Gerardo García chairman of Barents Re, a specialist global reinsurance group. Founded in 1996, the company excels in responding to the challenges of climate change, political tensions, and shifting business trends. The company’s mantra is: “Do it well – and do it properly.” Barents Re has moved at speed to adapt to recent disruptions, aiming to provide certainty for clients in a rapidly changing environment for insurance. Staff constantly track global movements, adjusting operations to suit the changes. The shift away from globalisation, for instance, has led the company to invest in local “cells” in more than 70 countries around the world – in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. It recognises that each market is different, and there can be no blanket approach. According to García, insurers face challenges everywhere, which is why each Barents Re local cell must always strive to be a centre of excellence. The company offers an array of niche and speciality reinsurance products in fields which include bonds, energy, finance, constructions and engineering, property and marine cargo. Its experienced underwriting teams have a breadth of knowledge, enabling them to create innovative solutions for clients across a range of subjects. The judges recognise the company’s ability to move at pace, focussing on discipline and execution, and maintaining long-term client relationships, which is why they are pleased to present Barents Re with the 2021 award for Best Specialty Reinsurer.

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