BankInvest: Best ESG-Responsible Investor Denmark 2021


Asset manager BankInvest, founded in 1969, forms an investment arm to 38 Danish banks. With $21.8bn in AUM, it employs 111 professionals with deep industry experience — and a passion for sustainability. BankInvest was the first Northern European asset manager to fully offset investee companies’ CO2 emissions, with projects supporting biodiversity, reforestation, and green energy in the global sustainable portfolios. BankInvest has launched global sustainable development equity and bond funds, guided by ESG profiles, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and the goal of carbon emissions less than half the industry benchmark. The funds are certified by sustainability body Nordic Ecolabel, and meet 25 mandatory requirements on the selection, engagement, and divestment of companies. BankInvest reports steady inflows for these funds, as well as for its global fixed-income and Danish equity funds. Collaboration with independent agencies helps guide the continuous development of responsible investment products. BankInvest abides by the Principles of Responsible Investment and has established a committee to ensure the guidelines are adhered to. It is a member of Dansif, a regional non-profit supporting socially responsible investments, and collaborates with governing bodies on ESG ratings. It’s a signatory of the UN Global Compact, CDP, IIGCC, Climate Action 100+, Montreal Carbon Pledge, and Net Zero Asset Managers initiatives. BankInvest believes that sustainability can improve short- and long-term returns and contribute to a brighter future for all. The judging panel presents BankInvest, a repeat programme winner, with the 2021 award for Best ESG-Responsible Investor (Denmark).

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