AVL: Best Mobility Tech & Engineering Innovator Global 2020


The mobility sector is overdue for transformation, with environmental, social and technical challenges adding urgency and impetus. Austria-based AVL describes change as the lifeblood of the automotive industry — and the core of its own purpose. The family-run business, launched in 1948, has seven decades of experience in mobility innovation. It has grown into a global technology leader with deep cross-industry knowledge of powertrain systems. AVL’s strong leadership and research teams push beyond current boundaries to uncover new potential. The company contributes to the fight against climate change by developing next-generation solutions and services that are clean, affordable, connected and intelligent. It aims to reduce complexity and add value for customers by adhering to strict quality and innovation standards. As an adaptable company with a global presence and a dedicated workforce, AVL exercises its influence to set the mobility trends of the future. The revolution, with AVL at the vanguard, will address evolving consumer demands and environmental concerns. It favours sustainable design and development to reduce the carbon footprint of powertrain systems across all lifecycle stages, ensuring affordability for the consumer. Electrification, autonomous vehicles, partnership with other engineering companies and data intelligence are high-growth areas that have attracted the attention of AVL. The CFI.co judging panel presents AVL with the 2020 global award for Best Mobility Tech & Engineering Innovator.

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