Aston Martin Lagonda: Best ESG Manufacturing Strategy United Kingdom 2020


James Bond drove one: what more do you need to know? Since Bond’s DB5, and way before that, Aston Martin was known for creating sportsters that smack of prestige, with just a hint of intrigue. The company — Aston Martin Lagonda, today — created a British motoring icon, a luxury brand, but moved forward with a conscience. The firm has implemented a strategy prioritising sustainable practices across its operations and throughout its supply chain. Comprehensive ESG commitments fuel the company’s sustainable growth plans. Its much anticipated DBX model started production in July, and orders are stacking up for the brand’s first SUV —assembled at the repurposed St Athan Royal Air Force hangars in Wales. The facility is one of three Aston Martin Lagonda production plants in the UK — and all measure-up to scrutiny on an environmental level. The company publishes the Responsible Procurement Guide detailing its social, environmental, and ethical responsibilities; suppliers are expected to follow the Aston Martin lead. The first in its hybrid line, the Rapide E, was unveiled at the Monaco ePrix in May 2019. The company sees hybrid hydrogen technology as the future for zero-emissions performance cars. The judging panel knows this contender well and is pleased that its consistent and responsible progress has not diminished the untamed charm of its vehicles. The panel declares Aston Martin Lagonda a repeat winner, taking the 2020 award for Best ESG Manufacturing Strategy (UK).

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