Alpha MOS: Best Sensory Analysis Solutions Europe 2021


Sensory evaluation is vital part of quality control for many industries — and Alpha MOS has been a pioneer in the field since 1993. The company is headquartered in Toulouse, France, where its R&D team pushes the boundaries of the possible in a fully equipped, hi-tech lab. Alpha MOS products and on-demand analysis services help clients to ensure consistency across their product line-up. It works with a global network of  distributors and has established international offices and laboratories in the US and China to provide regional sales and technical support. HERACLES Neo, the electronic nose, can sniff out issues before they become a problem — or identify key ingredients in a competitor’s product. ASTREE, the electronic tongue, provides accurate, objective and reproducible taste analyses for precision quality control or the development of new flavours. IRIS Smart Vision relies on hi-res imaging in a closed, control-lit cabinet for the visual inspection of production batches to deliver consistency of colour and shape, which is of particular use in the Food & Beverage industry. The company is pushing for greater automatisation across the sensory analysis sector. The judging panel only recently became acquainted with Alpha MOS, which placed in last year’s awards programme. ALpha MOS also has a MedTech division, BOYDSense, that is developing  a breath-based glucose-monitoring device for the painless management of diabetes. The judging panel unanimously declares Alpha MOS winner of the 2021 award for Best Sensory Analysis Solutions (Europe).