XM: Most Reliable Broker Global 2020 | Most Transparent Broker Global 2020


The CFI.co judging panel congratulates XM on its 10th year of trading, pointing out that longevity is an indication of the intention and wherewithal to properly care for clients at all times. The broker provides quality products and services and is constantly refining practices to ensure a rapid, effective, and sensitive response whenever that should be needed. The technology, strong cashflow and necessary resources on-hand allow super-fast withdrawals by clients. Trades are executed at a dazzlingly fast speed and, on principle, XM has never given a re-quote. There are no hidden costs and full transparency. Broker and client funds are held at tier-one banks and XM is proud that it always exceeds minimum capital ratios (which is a barrier to entry for small and new brokers). XM is a trusted and reliable broker whose professionalism is widely recognised. CFI.co has made multiple awards to XM, having had the opportunity to measure the broker’s progress over many years. The panel is impressed and believes that XM is set for much more success, because it has created a comforting and secure environment for clients. The broker keeps faith with its mission to respond to global market demands and approach client investment goals with an open mind. XM has been a CFI.co winner for each of the past three years and for 2020 receives awards of Most Reliable Broker and Most Transparent Broker (Global)