Worthwhile Capital Partners: Best ESG Specialist Fund Solutions Nordics 2020


The greening of economies is well underway and gathering speed as the traditionally narrow criteria for the allocation of capital have been broadened significantly to include a host of environmental, social, and governance considerations. Though willing, if not eager, to do their bit for sustainability, institutional investors often struggle to find and strike the right balance between the need for solid returns and the desire for a positive impact.

Worthwhile Capital Partners is ready to meet the challenge. Starting from the premise that many conventional asset classes are being crunched by high prices on the one hand, and reduced risk-related rewards on the other, the firm helps investors shift from equities and bonds to alternative investments. This transcends the rather mindless tapping into esoteric green-labelled opportunities. Worthwhile Capital Partners brings together thought leaders, industry experts, and investors to meticulously explore strategies defined from a clear set of objectives.

The firm takes a thematic approach and is currently focussed on the transition towards a fossil-free energy matrix. A specialised multidisciplinary team has been formed to assemble a portfolio that dovetails with the stated goals and the requirements of investors.

Worthwhile Capital Partners is quite unapologetic about its philosophy and mission. The Stockholm-based firm is not just in the business of securing superior returns but adheres to the strongly held belief that the transformational power derived from matching capital to sustainability can and will benefit all stakeholders.

The CFI.co judging panel applauds Worthwhile Capital Partners for not just taking the road less travelled, but for blazing a trail with its carefully crafted approach to impact investing. The judges will continue to monitor the company’s progress in the months and years ahead but are already now convinced that Worthwhile Capital Partners merits the 2020 Best ESG Specialist Fund Solutions Nordics Award.

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