University of Antwerp: Most lnnovative Research lnstitution Europe 2019

University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp fuels cutting-edge research with innovative educational offerings and collaborative partnerships. Over 20,000 students contribute to scientific research through its 4 multidisciplinary valorization domains. Research domains range from sustainable chemistry & materials, metropolitanism & smart city, mobility & logistics, vaccination / infectious diseases & environmental health. The university disseminates 3,650 scientific publications per year to highlight researchers’ work and promote the free exchange of knowledge . lt casts a wide net for corporate and academic partners to create an ecosystem of collaborative research opportunities that extends well beyond Flemish borders. The Beacon is an innovation community, bringing together tech companies, research, skills, innovation actors and citizens to collaborate on smart solutions for keeping this world liveable and sustainable. The is a focus on smart cities, smart mobility, smart port & logistics, smart industry and smart buildings. In one flagship project, the university unites students with a network of hospitals to study tropical diseases – starting with a strong focus on microbiology – and bring vaccinations quicker to market. In December, it launched a joint project to establish the Antwerp Biobank, a facility which processes and stores human bodily samples for scientific research. lt anticipates cutting the ribben this spring on the innovation hub, Blue App, which aims to scale the university’s research projects in sustainable chemistry. The university inspires young people to focus on passion projects with the power to positively impact quality of life. In September, three of the university’s research students were awarded prestigieus starting grants from the European Research Council – a testament to the high calibre of scientific research for which the university is known. For these reasons and more, the judging panel presents the University of Antwerp with the 2019 award for Most lnnovative Research lnstitution (Europe).

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