United Waters International AG: Most Innovative Water Purification Technology Global 2020

United Waters

Swedish entrepreneur Thorbjörn Laag launched water purification company United Waters International (UWI) in 2005, and built it into a market leader with sage management, smart networking and intelligent investment. Laag serves as executive chairman of the company, and he and his family are the majority shareholders. UWI boasts a global presence and employs some of the world’s leading water specialists. UWI has translated more than 40 years of R&D into one of the most advanced water purification technologies the world has ever seen. The research underpinning UWl’s technology stems from scientists at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The second-generation of UWl’s flagship product, the BioGreen TM system, provides an innovative and eco-friendly solution to remove harmful metals, bacteria, viruses and microbes from water and can purify up to 2,500m3 of fresh drinking water every 24h. A standard unit consumes a fraction of the energy consumed in e.g. reverse osmosis. The sustainable solution uses no chemicals in the purification process, wastes less water and generates no harmful by-products. The modular units, which require little space and no onsite operator, are fully functional and completely automated within hours of instillation. The system is quality-controlled via 24/7 remote access, and UWI conducts annual maintenance as part of the service agreement. The CFI.co judging panel confirms the company as a repeat award winner, and presents United Waters International AG with the 2020 global award for Most Innovative Water Purification Technology.