SEB Group: Most ESG Responsible Banking Group Nordics 2020

SEB Group

Nordic financial services company SEB Group has been supporting ambitious entrepreneurs since 1856, through good times and bad. SEB has earned a reputation for exemplary sustainability standards and a sensitivity to socio-ecological issues. The group seeks to reduce environmental impacts throughout its stakeholder network, and advocates for policies that push corporate entities and private citizens worldwide to go cleaner and greener. As a member of regional banking associations, and as a signatory of the UN’s Environment Programme Finance Initiative, SEB is able to engage with thought-leaders and policy makers. The group’s commitment to outstanding corporate responsibility, transparency and accountability is evident throughout its policies and product line-up. Green innovation is shaping product development, and SEB has launched a suite of financing, investment, payment and asset management solutions to meet the demands of the most conscientious consumers and investors. A sustainability team of 30 professionals develops solutions that contribute to healthier ecosystems, including green bonds and mortgages, sustainable development bonds and health impact bonds. The group has proven to be more than a fair-weather friend in the trying times of the coronavirus pandemic, and has leveraged its solid capital and liquidity position to tailor relief assistance to the needs of its customers and society at large. For its dedication to protecting people and planet as well as profits, the judging panel declares the SEB Group the 2020 winner of the Most ESG Responsible Banking Group (Nordics) award.

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