Origo Capital: Best Sustainable Alternative Investment Manager Nordics 2020

Origo Capital

Founded in 2011, Sweden’s Origo Capital is an alternative investment firm that doesn’t believe in “chasing Mr Market”. Why would it, when its own approach is proving so successful? Origo Capital favours a long-term focus on active and engaged ownership. The firm invests in companies with sustainable business models and conducts in-depth analyses to identify the most promising prospects of the small- and mid-cap Nordic market. Origo Capital applies sound risk management and avoids investment opportunities that fall outside its area of expertise. The firm introduced its first fund — Origo Quest 1 — in 2013. Over the past five years, that fund has beaten the market with 11 percent, achieving an average net exposure of 40 percent and annualised returns of around 10 percent. Origo gives credit to its experienced team and the business vision of its investees as well as its value-driven approach. The firm collaborates with companies as an investor with long-term vision, setting long holding horizons at a minimum of three years. Portfolio diversification is strengthened through short-sell holdings targeting underestimated risk levels in relation to valuation. Origo Capital believes maximum value comes from responsible investing principles. As a member of the Swedish Sustainable Investment Forum, Origo weighs environmental and ethical considerations in all decision making and investors can expect to see a new range of investment products on offer. The CFI.co judging panel congratulates the firm on its dependable approach, and presents Origo Capital with the 2020 award for Best Sustainable Alternative Investment Manager (Nordics).

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