Norvestor: Best Sustainable Equity Investor Nordics 2020


It is not merely a matter of employing ESG principles as a touchstone for investment decisions, but of continuously updating the environmental, social, and governance criteria that guide the allocation of financial resources. Such a dynamic approach to investing amplifies both the positive societal impact of private equity and mitigates risk for all stakeholders whilst ensuring solid and dependable returns on capital and effort.

One of the Nordic Region’s larger and well-established private equity firms with a 30-year track record, Norvestor focusses on long-term sustainability rather than the next quarter’s results. The philosophy at the core of its operations holds that sustainable business practices are key to the health and well-being of future generations. Norvestor funds invest in select companies that proactively work to lessen their environmental footprint – and do so out of conviction. The firm also checks for adherence to a comprehensive suite of corporate best practices. This way, returns are optimised for all stakeholders, pointedly including communities and the wider society.

Increasingly, investor activism is considered a key driver of the broad changes necessary to meet many of today’s challenges. The future of planet earth and its inhabitants is too important to leave to governments alone. Norvestor understand this better than most. The firm lives by its principles – and delivers on them.

The judging panel recognises that investor activism makes a significant difference and holds great potential. Money talks and has something to say. Moreover, the panel agrees with Norvestor that continuous advances in ESG standards result in exceptional investment opportunities. The judges are pleased to extent the 2020 Best Sustainable Equity Investor Nordics Award to Norvestor for its dedication to the long view.

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