Moonfare: Best Private Equity Performance Transparency Platform Global 2020


The mission statement of Moonfare is to democratise private equity (PE). The Berlin-based firm accomplishes this by offering a digital solution with a fair cost and lower minimums. Participation in top-tier funds is often blocked by high buy-in hurdles, but Moonfare provides individuals with the opportunity to get in on high-performing funds with a minimum investment of €100,000. Over the firm’s two-year history, it has proven that PE investments are not limited to the domain of institutions, but are accessible to retail clients and to private individuals as well. Moonfare has attracted hundreds of investors and surpassed 300 AuM in May. It expects that figure to hit €1bn by 2021. New clients appreciate Moonfare’s easy digital onboarding, where KYC (know your client) and AML (anti-money laundering) documentation can be completed within minutes, and subscriptions are confirmed with an e-signature. Unlike traditional PE investments, where hold periods typically last five or more years, Moonfare gives clients the option to sell fund subscriptions after a year. Moonfare traverses borders with a digital investment platform that offers secure and seamless regulatory compliance throughout Europe and Asia. Moonfare has built an 80-person, 12-nationality team, brimming with experience and energy. The team continuously monitors fund performance to target ROIs of at least 18 percent. For its innovation, discipline and agility, the judging panel declares Moonfare as the 2020 winner of the global award for Best Private Equity Performance Transparency Platform.

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