Midsummer AB: Most Innovative SolarTech Solutions Europe 2020


Midsummer envisions a future where all buildings are powered by sustainable solar energy panels. The Swedish story began in 2004, when Midsummer decided to adapt CD/DVD-manufacturing equipment to produce thin film solar cells. The company is now a market leader and mass-produces flexible and durable CIGS (copper, indium, gallium and selenium) solar cells with its DUO production system. The company’s innovative product line and corporate culture have fuelled growth, and market penetration data suggest massive expansion opportunities. Midsummer is now expanding in Europe and setting up a manufacturing facility in Italy with a maximum capacity of 50 megawatts per year. Its discreet, building-integrated solar roofing panels blend functionality with aesthetic simplicity. The company stays ahead of the curve through continuous tech upgrades and R&D investments. Experienced, science-savvy teams lead the development of thinner and more efficient panels. Midsummer listed on the Nasdaq in 2018 and believes the future will grow brighter as more people support a global transition to solar. Midsummer roofs are stylish, easy to assemble, and increasingly affordable as production costs continue to drop. The panels themselves are exceptionally effective, leaving a 90 percent lower carbon footprint than conventional solar panels. For a corporate culture rooted in passion, curiosity and empowerment — and a business model with strong scalability — the CFI.co judging panel declares Midsummer as the winner of the 2020 award for Most Innovative SolarTech Solutions (Europe).

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