McKinsey & Company: Best Management Consultancy Spain 2020


Over McKinsey & Company’s four-decade history in Spain, it has served over half of the country’s largest companies and undertaken more than 2,000 projects. The firm is world-renowned for offering clients quality insights that lead to lasting impacts, thanks to its investments in talent recruitment and retention. McKinsey Spain hires across borders and backgrounds to create a close-knit team with diverse strengths. New hires benefit from consultancy training and an introduction to the company’s core values before being assigned a mentor to guide their professional development. The company continually strengthens team skills through annual local and practice-related training opportunities. McKinsey’s Madrid and Barcelona offices host some 160 consultants and 220 employees, partnering with public institutions and private companies across a range of sectors, including finance, telecommunications, energy and consumer goods. McKinsey Spain leverages the group’s world-class experience, advanced technology and proprietary data to tailor solutions to regional circumstances and individual client needs. It complements consulting services with a portfolio of more than 85 solutions designed to facilitate growth and transformation. The company contributes to the reform and improvement of Spain’s economy with research-backed data, and is an influential voice in public debate. McKinsey launched the Generation Foundation in 2014 to prepare young Spaniards for employment, equipping them with in-demand skills. The judging panel recognises McKinsey & Company as winner of the 2020 award for Best Management Consultancy (Spain).