Grupo Ageas Portugal: Best Insurance Group Portugal 2020

Grupo Ageas

With its holistic approach to the management of the unexpected, Grupo Ageas Portugal offers its clients the peace of mind to focus on the sunny side of life. The insurance group is comprised of five subsidiaries, each specialised in a distinct set of products that, taken together, cover the full range of eventualities. Grupo Ageas Portugal celebrates inclusion and transparency, and displays a genuine concern for the wellbeing of both clients and staff. Recognising that the insurance sector thrives on trust, Grupo Ageas Portugal prioritises communication, keeping all stakeholders continuously informed via a multitiude of channels. The company’s day-to-day operations are grounded in a detailed code of ethics that has become an industry benchmark. Grupo Ageas Portugal is part of Belgian insurer Ageas, present in 14 countries and with a corporate history spanning 190 years. Present in Portugal since 2005, Ageas revolutionised the country’s insurance industry, setting new standards of excellence and quickly becoming one of the largest national insurers. Grupo Ageas Portugal maintains a number of corporate social responsibility initiatives that promote sustainability, innovation, and solidarity. The company is particularly mindful of environmental, social, and governance considerations. The judging panel recognises Grupo Ageas Portugal for its exceptional performance — not just as a insurance company, but as a corporate citizen. The company engages with all stakeholders, listens to them attentively, and acts responsibly. The judges are delighted to offer Grupo Ageas Portugal the 2020 award for Best Insurance Group (Portugal).

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