Fondo Pensione Nazionale: Best Pension Fund Governance Italy 2019


Fondo Pensione Nazionale safeguards the pensions of 31,000 families across Italy, and the team takes to heart its responsibility to deliver healthy yields. The fund has undergone a long period of transformation to hone risk management and foster financial assurance with sustainability concerns continuing to shape its priorities. The fund understands the power of workforce diversity and reports equal representation of men and women team members. Fondo Pensione Nazionale earmarks substantial investments for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) advancement, manages $2b in assets and aims for ESG mastery. Green social sustainability bonds have caught the attention of the firm as an ideal vehicle for the symbiotic success of people, planet, and profits. The fund operates on the fundamental principles of individual capitalisation and defined contributions. Members may pull early advances from their pension plans for urgent health expenses, first-home purchases, or family emergencies. Upon request at retirement, members are paid pension benefits in the form of capital, financial income, or actuarial income. Fondo Pensione Nazionale represents an integral pillar of the Italian pension system, and the judging panel is pleased to recognise the fund with the 2019 award for Best Pension Fund Governance (Italy).

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