Ferrexpo: Most Responsible Commodity Trader Global 2020


Ferrexpo has a 50-year legacy of turning raw resources into high-commodity assets, from responsible mining operations to best-in-class community impact programmes. The London-based company has iron-ore mines in the Ukraine and a commodity trading offices in Dubai and Switzerland. In 2007, Ferrexpo became the first Ukrainian company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange, and now ranks on the FTSE 250 Index. The company has amassed a strong asset base through a “fast follower” approach to technology and innovation. Ferrexpo is in the process of automating its trucking fleet and drilling operations, contributing to an increasingly safe work environment for its employees. As automation advances displace low-skilled labour, Ferrexpo is committed to training employees to upskill. The company assigns one percent of annual EBITDA to support local communities. Over the past decade, Ferrexpo has invested in upgrading facilities at all six of the local secondary schools and has donated set of iPads to local schools, and sponsors athletic clubs, cultural events and musical performances. It sponsors science programmes, funds scholarships and sets high targets for female enrolment. Ferrexpo ensures that high-potential employees develop by providing 6 to 8 weeks of in-house training through its business leadership programme. It organises development activities and networking events to support women in leadership. The company is just as conscientious in its operations and has made strides towards its vision of full renewable energy. It uses sunflower husks to reduce fuel consumption and is investigating use of solar energy at its operations. The CFI.co judging panel declares Ferrexpo as worthy winner of the 2020 global award for Most Responsible Commodity Trader.