Equiti Group: Most Innovative Financial Markets Brokerage Global 2020


Over the past decade, Equiti Group has solidified its status as a leading provider of global brokerage services. Equiti Group’s network of twelve subsidiaries and over 300 specialists provides clients in the Middle East, the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific with access to individual, corporate and institutional brokerage services. Innovation is one of the driving forces behind the group’s impressive growth trajectory. Equiti Group is committed to ensuring that the trading of financial instruments becomes ever more accessible and affordable to clients worldwide. One of the group’s latest milestones comes from its Kenyan subsidiary, EGM Securities, which last year launched FXPesa as the first provider of online Forex and CFD (contract-for-difference) products for Kenya’s retail market. FXPesa unlocks global trading opportunities for smartphone users across the country. Kenya is a recognised fintech hub with an entrepreneurial culture and high smartphone penetration — making it an ideal market to launch Equiti’s app-based CFD trading for Africa. FXPesa (which translates to “FXMoney” in Swahili) has quickly become synonymous with mobile trading across Kenya. EGM Securities joined the Equiti Group in 2018 and became the first online-forex broker to be granted a licence by Kenya’s Capital Markets Authority, one of the most highly regarded regulatory bodies on the continent. Equiti Group sees market conditions across Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa — where mobile financial services are superseding traditional retail banking — as ripe for disruption. The CFI.co judging panel declares Equiti Group as the 2020 winner of the global award for Most Innovative Financial Markets Brokerage.