enso GmbH: Best Hydro-Power Investment Partner Europe 2020


Hydro-power has gained an increasing share of the renewable energy market, and Austrian company enso GmbH offers a comprehensive suite of services to help investors and developers harness its potential. Over the past decade, enso GmbH has distinguished itself as a green champion among Austrian asset managers. It values hydro-power as a renewable energy source that requires comparatively low LCOEs, short construction timeframes and minimal maintenance costs. Water is available and easily stored, providing a reliable base and an opportunity for grid stabilisation service. The company is also owned by some of the lead investors of enso hydro, a specialist with a portfolio including around 25 power plants in Norway, Albania, Turkey and Austria. enso GmbH has a tech-savvy team with proven project experience to assist clients with a range of advisory, merger and acquisition, financing, structuring, operation and portfolio optimisation services. It promotes hydro as a solution that can inoculate investors from volatile market cycles tied to fossil fuel prices. It anticipates steady future demand and implements contingency plans to shield against unforeseen events. That foresight has enabled enso GmbH to take advantage of rainfall by boosting production and storing the surplus until the market becomes less saturated. It has also allowed the company to handle the Covid crisis with cool competence. The CFI.co judging panel presents enso GmbH with the 2020 award for Best Hydro-Power Investment Partner (Europe).