CQ Investment Group: Best ESG International Investment Solutions Austria 2020


CQ Investment Group differentiates itself through an outstanding ESG focus that has also resulted in strong financial performance. The Vienna-based group, founded in 1991, was the first — and for some time the only — organisation to apply an ESG focus to asset management. Over the past three decades, CQ companies have been awarded more than 300 international awards for their progressive investment strategies. The group has established a global network with a presence in 20 countries across Europe and Asia, including the financial districts of Vienna, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, Geneva, Zurich and Yerevan. Eight independent asset management companies are united: ARTS Asset Management, C-Quadrat Impact Asset Management, Quantic Financial Solutions, C-Quadrat Asset Management France, VIG C-Quadrat, C-Quadrat Ampega Asset Management Armenia, Mezzanine Management and Lio Capital. ARTS develops quantitative trading systems that take the emotion out of investment decisions. C-Quadrat Impact is a specialist in absolute return strategies, sustainable investments and microfinance products, while Italian investment firm Lio Capital focuses on special situation and distressed investments. Each company ensures that the sum of the group is greater than its parts with individual capabilities and market penetration. CQ Investment Group is a conscientious steward of client assets of more than €7bn. It also shows admirable corporate citizenship and has sponsored numerous social projects to support disadvantaged youth, fight poverty and improve education and healthcare. The CFI.co judging panel presents CQ Investment Group with the 2020 award for Best ESG International Investment Solutions (Austria).

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