Confinvest: Best Financial Services Value Creation IPO Europe 2019


Gold has underpinned world financial markets for centuries, and in times of trouble, coins and ingots of the precious metal are a stable investment. Confinvest has a 40-year history of strengthening Italy’s position in national reserves, and the Milanese company has seen 25 percent growth since the beginning of the year. Cofinvest is a crucial link between institutional investors, retail customers and banks. It has earned its reputation as a trusted custodian of assets, and its offices – In front of the stock exchange building in Piazza degli Affari– have secure vaults for physical storage. Confinvest also has comprehensive insurance, to ensure peace-of-mind. Clients maintain control of their investments via the company’s digital platform, where they can monitor market rates and request liquidation or return. The company listed on the stock exchange in mid-2019 and promotes its services through Italian banking networks and its digital platform. Confinvest runs business with a Midas touch: 2019 showed an 85 percent increase in turnover over the previous year, with EBITDA up tenfold — and shareholders can expect to see that reflected in dividend payments. The judging panel names Confinvest winner of the 2019 award for Best Financial Services Value Creation IPO (Europe).

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