Commerzbank: Best Universal Banking Services Germany 2019


As Commerzbank approaches its 150th anniversary, it can reflect on the innovation and versatility which has enabled it to thrive for a century and a half. The bank transacts 30 percent of Germany’s foreign trade and is the market leader in corporate banking. Its 800 branches and 36,000 staff serve over 11,000,000 private and small business customers. In a recent survey, Commerzbank achieved an 82 percent approval rate from heads of finance making it the most highly rated German bank among corporate clients. Since 2014 it has pursued a consistent retail banking strategy in private and small business customers and the implementation of the Commerzbank 4.0 strategy, which has led to 60 percent of all core processes being available digitally, resulted in a net profit of EUR 865m in 2018. Sales processes and customer advisory are being revolutionised through digital data management, but the bank is still maintaining its human touch in the lending, private pension plans, and wealth management sectors – where advisors will always be on hand to deliver a personal service. A three-pronged strategy underlies the bank’s ability to provide a world-class service: its wide product range in both the retail and corporate banking spheres, its digital transformation helping entrepreneurs to better manage their business, and its personal banking with over 300 branches serving small business customers and over 100 locations offering wealth management expertise. This commitment to offering a wider variety of services than its competitors and innovate constantly mean that the judging panel is delighted to present Commerzbank AG with the 2019 award for Best Universal Banking Services Germany.